Olympus Apps

Controlling your Olympus camera with your phone is quite easy. Olympus has a great app for that, OI.Share App. With OI.Share App you can use your phone as a shutter button, see the image on your phones screen while making images. You can also transfer jpg-images from Olympus cameras to your phone and share them to social media.

You can also Geo Tag images with your Olympus camera also quite easy. Geo Tagging images makes finding images later a much easier task. OI.Track app can track your route and the GPS-coordinates can be easily attached to your files metadata. OI.Track adds GPS coordinates to your images. Lightroom can read that data and place your photograph on a map.

To learn more about Olympus Apps watch the video series about Olympus apps.

Olympus Live Composite - mitä, miksi ja miten?

Live Composite on Olympus kameroiden erittäin käyttökelpoinen pitkien valotusten feature. Se on kätevä tapa kuvata pitkällä valotuksella ilman, että kuva ylivalottuu kovinkaan helposti. Live Comp ottaa peräkkäin useita valotuksia ja yhdistää kuvat yhdeksi kuvaksi kamerassa. Kuvaan tulee ainoastaan lisää, jos kuva-alalle tulee vaaleampia alueita kuin siinä siihen mennessä on ollut. Valotuksen voi lopettaa, kun kuva näyttää omasta mielestä hyvältä. Parasta juuri onkin, että kameran näytöltä voi seurata miten kuva kehittyy.

Saadaksesi Live Compin päälle laita kameran valotus M-asentoon. Valitse valotusajoista Live Comp. Valotusajan pituuden saat valittua Menusta. Kun sinulla on Live Comp. päällä, paina menu-nappia. Kamera osaa mennä suoraan oikeaan valikkoon josta saat valittua yhden valotuksen pituuden. Valotuksen pituus luonnollisesti riippuu vallitsevan valon määrästä. Ohessa olevien kuvien valotusajoista saat jonkinlaisen haarukan valotusajoista, aukoista ja ISO-herkkyyksistä.

Kuten kuvien tiedoista näkee ei kovin pitkiä valotusiakoja tarvitse. Kauanko kameran antaa ottaa LiveCompilla kuvaa on sitten jokaisen oman maun mukaan päätettävä itse.

LiveCompin käyttö vaatii käytännössä jalustan käyttöä.

0,5s f9 ISO200

0,5s f9 ISO200

0,5s f8 ISO100 (OM-D EM-1)

0,5s f8 ISO100 (OM-D EM-1)

0,5s f5.6 ISO200 (M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8)

0,5s f5.6 ISO200 (M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8)

0,5s f5.6 ISO200 (M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8)

0,5s f5.6 ISO200 (M.Zuiko 75mm f1.8)

Photokina 2018 - What to Expect? - Exhibitions

Photokina is a lot more than just the gear. Its also about photography. The fair area has a lot of exhibitions. Those exhibitions are worth to see. The gear part was the topic of my previous blog post.

The ones I would pick f limited time are: German Youth Photography Award 2018, Faces X China Vol.2: My Way of Life, ProfiFoto New Talent Award - powered by Canon, Ray Collins – »The Elemental Force of the Ocean« and The Olympus Community – »Light & Shadow«.

Its always interesting to see what the young generation is doing. They will shape the future of photography. Ray Collins images of the Ocean looked very interesting in the introduction page. These images are exhibited at Ottoplatz, Train Station Deutz/Messe.

Of course I have to go and see what the Olympus community has made in their Light & Shadow exhibition.

Photoszene is a photo festival during Photokina. It has always been at the same time. Photoszene has 85 photo exhibitions, so there is a lot to see. No way its possible to see them all. They have listed all the exhibitions on their website. To be honest most of the photographers are unfamiliar to me. But there are three exhibitions that are a must see.

The first one is August Sanders photographs at Galerie Julian Sander. August Sanders “People of the 20thCentury” is a phenomenal project and now there are 24 photographs on display in Julian Sanders gallerie. Julian Sanders is August Sanders grandson.

The second one is also photographs by August Sander. A bigger collection if his great work “People of the 20thCentury”.

The third one is Doing the Document. On display are photos from, Diane Arbus, Karl Blossfeldt, Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, August Sander and Garry Winogrand

Both are, as I said, must see exhibitions.

But then it gets difficult, what else to choose? I decided to pick them by looking the small photograph that Photoszene has on their website. These are the top 7 I picked. They are not in a particular order. I also have to check the location of each gallery and optimize the route so that I have the most time to see the images.

Peter Gowland's Girls, #ISO-01 (Portraits with old style and old methods, collodium), Amerika - Einblicke, Fading Memories, #minnsche and Tod Papageorge: Dr. Blankman's New York.

A lot see and most likely I will run out time.

What do you think of my picks? Any suggestions, did I miss something great? Please let me know in the comments.

(disclaimer: The blogger is an Olympus Visionary and looks in the mirror only in elevator.)

Photokina 2018 - What To Expect?

South Entrance 2012.

South Entrance 2012.

Photokina 2018 is around the corner. This year its going to be from 26th to 29th of September. A day shorter than previous years. Photokina 2018 is also going to be the last one that is held in fall. next one is already next spring, in May 2019. An now on Photokina will be every year.

The idea behind the schedule change is the change of the market. A quote from a press release from 23rd of May 2017 :

"The digital transformation of the imaging industry is advancing, and thus opening up new perspectives and value creation potential. The new date and the annual cycle should in future make photokina even more attractive to all providers of the imaging ecosystem. In this way, we show the specialised trade, the media and our users an even broader bandwidth of state-of-the-art products, applications and services in Cologne which especially suits the young imaging culture," Rainer Führes, chairman of the board of the photography industry association (PIV) is pleased to state.”

The industry is much more than just the gear. Even though the industry still have giants the times when Kodak had a whole hall in the Cologne Fair Center is gone. The biggest camera manufacturers are the companies that make phones, like Apple and Samsung for example. The way we use photographs has changed a lot from the days of Kodak and film. I think Photokina just has to change. Big launches are mainly made before the fair. But of course those new products are displayed in Photokina for the first time. That attracts public.

Social media is a big part of photography nowadays and that is propably seen also in Photokina.

Its going to be interesting to see how the exhibitors and public will react on this change.

I made a video about my expectations and what I see to be interesting for me personally in the upcoming Photokina 2018. If you find this video worth watching, give it the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

Best Video settings for Olympus - part 1

I made a video about the best settings for video for Olympus. I had Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII the example camera. But of course the other Olympus cameras are very good in video too.

The basic settings are the same. The Movie setttings in the menus are in different places. In the OM-D E-M5MKII the movie menu can found in the Special menu I. The same goes with the Pen-F.

The Pen E-PL9 has its own video menu like the E-M1 MKII. Remember to use M-IS 2 setting with the stabiliser in the Pen E-PL9. It will turn the digital stabilising off. The OM-D E-M10MKII has a very similar menu system as the Pen E-PL9.

From this video you get idea and understand the terms better. If needed read the settings from the manual. If you do not have it try find it from Olympus website.