Olympus 100 Years - 100 Facts

Olympus was founded in 12.10.1919. I wanted to learn more about Olympus and read quite a lot about the company. I picked 100 interesting facts about Olympus to celebrate the 100 years old company. I wanted to share the facts with you and those facts are in the linked video.

Below the video, there are links to the resources I looked at when researching the facts.

Resources I used to search the facts:

Olympus Global Website - Milestones:


Special Lecture by Yoshihisa Maitani:


Olympus Camera History by Hans van Veluwen:


Olympus Corporation page in Wikipedia:


Get Olympus (US) page:


Olympus India - Founding of Olympus:


Olympus Global Museum - Cameras:


Olympus Global - Developing smaller cameras:


Digitalkamera Museum:


DPReview Olympus camera page:


List of Olympus cameras in Wikipedia:


I tried to check all the facts, but if you spotted a mistake, please let me know in the comments. Did I miss something important? Let me know that too.

High Dynamic Range Photography - HDR explained

Sometimes the scene has so big contrast that it is impossible for a camera to record all the details in highlight and shadow in ion photograph. The dynamic range of the scene is too much for the camera.

There are several ways to over come this problem. In the video below I go through a few ways to handle high dynamic range scenes.

HDR photography is one of them and in the video it gets most attention.

Olympus 60mm F2.8 Macro - a GREAT MFT macro lens

Macro photography is an exciting genre. It can open up a whole new world. It is very fascinating to see things that are hard to see with the naked eye. Olympus has a very good lens for macro photography, Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm f2.8 macro.

Olympus also has another macro lens, the M.Zuiko 30mm f3.5 lens. I have made a video about that lens in December 2018.

OI.Share and other Olympus Apps

Olympus has great apps to help your photography. OI.Share is for transferring images from your Olympus camera to your mobile device.

OI.Track is an app that can track your location and that data can be transferred to your files that in the memory card.

OI.Palette is for image editing.

In the video below I show those apps work.

Why I Switched to Olympus - 5 years ago

It was five years ago when I took all my Canon gear to the local camera store here in Helsinki. In this video I will tell why and what I think now.

I did not have to rely only on my memory. I had a blog post about that day and about the switch.

Info about the Mentoring Program

As you probably heard in my video about personal photo projects I am starting a mentoring program.

It will be a one on one mentoring in your photography. You do not need to have a project. Mentoring your photography, in general, is also available.

We will have monthly or weekly skype calls where we go through your images and I will feedback and assignments based on your progress.

The goal is to get you to be a better photographer. It does not matter what your starting level is, you be just starting or have been making images for many years. The only requirement is that you want to be better.

I still have a few issues to sort out, like the international tax etc. All that will determine the price of the programs.

The different programs will be on this site as soon as I can get everything sorted.

Please subscribe to my weekly newsletter so that you know when the mentoring is available.

Here is a link to the Photo Project Ideas and why you SHOULD start one! video.

White Balance Explained - 5 Tips to get it RIGHT

White balance is a very important thing to understand. With white balance you can control the colors in your image and video.

In the video I give you five tips on how to get the white balance right.


I have also made a video about white balance in January.

How To Take SHARPER photos 5 Tips For Instantly Sharper Photos

Sharper photos are usually something that you want. In this video, I will give you 5 tips for instantly sharper photos.

It is also very important to hold your camera properly so it is as steady as possible. This way you will minimize the motion blur that is cased by the camera moving during exposure.
Here is the link to the Lens Calibration target that I mentioned in the video:

Here is the video about how to take sharper photos.

High ISO - 5 tips to REDUCE NOISE in camera.

These are the instructions that I promised to tell in my video about How to reduce Noise in Camera. The video can be found at the end of this blog post.

1: Open the images as layers in Photoshop.

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 14.35.04.png

2: Align the layers if needed: Edit > Auto-Align Layers

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 14.36.48.png

3: Convert the layers to Smart Objects: Layers > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Objects

4: Blend the images: Layers > Smart Objects > Stack Mode > Mean.

The result is a image with less noise that the original images. The more images you use the less noise there is.

The After image, 10 images are stacked in Photoshop.

The After image, 10 images are stacked in Photoshop.

The before image.

The before image.

Here the video about Noise Reduction.