About my new workflow with Adobe Lightroom CC

I have been using Lightroom since the first version. It was a great improvement in my workflow back then. The workflow haven't really changed since even the software itself has gotten a lot of improvements over the years.

Adobe introduced Lightroom mobile a while ago, but it really got nice when Lightroom CC came out. Lightroom CC is part of Adobe CC plan. Its also available with the Photography Plan which also includes Photoshop CC.

Last night I did some head shots for a young film director. After the shoot we went to a bar to have some pizza and yes a few beers... While waiting for the food and enjoying the fine products from the local micro brewery, I uploaded the photos to Lightroom with the web browser. You can access your Lightroom online collections by browsing to lightroom.adobe.com and logging in to your Adobe account. There is a possibility to make a new collection and upload your photos via browser. 

After the photos were uploaded, the model was able to pick photos by flagging her favorites. Whats really nice about this workflow is that when I got back to my office, all the photos had been uploaded to my Lightroom CC database in my desktop. And whats important, the picks that she made are there.

This have possible before, but that would have required to have the photos in an external drive and later merge the two databases. I think this new way of taking advantages of the Adobe Cloud is much nicer and less hassle.  

It speeds up the workflow a lot. I do not have upload them anymore and wait for the client to pick their favorites. It was all ready done when I came back to the office.