Olympus Vintage Lenses: Focus Peaking and Magnify

In this tutorial video I show how to set up your Olympus so that you can use Focus Peaking and Magnify with vintage manual lenses.

The example camera in the video was E-M5 MkII. 

Assigning the Focus Peaking and Magnify to a Function button can be found in the Custom Menu B in the following Olympus cameras:

E-M10, E-M10MkII, E-M10 MkIII, E-M5 MkII, E-M1, E-M1 MkIIPen-F, Pen E-PL8 and Pen E-PL9

There is more info on Focus Peaking and Magnify on my previous video: 


Vintage lenses and adapters were covered also in a previous


This video was an episode in my Using Olympus tutorial series. If you havent seen the previous episodes I recommend you to watch them. The whole Using Olympus playlist can be found here: https://goo.gl/9cPqo1

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