How to choose a lens?

In this post I am giving you the different possibilities you have for a new lens. This post goes together with the video below. If you haven`t seen it yet, please watch it from here:

In the video I go trough the questions you should ask yourself when considering to buy a new lens. There is a list and explanation on the different options.

Fast primes for classical street photography:

These prime lenses are great for classical street photography. Which one is the right for you. In the video I explained a few ways to decide. It all comes to your own style, are you more of a wide angle shooter or do you prefer a bit tighter field of view?

For all around shooting a zoom lens could be an option. There are several possibilities depending on your preferences and budget:


For Nature photographers there are also options for different kind of preferences and budget. If you are morer of a landscape photographer a wide angle could be your choice. The choices a quite similar to what I said about Classical Streetphotography, but there is one zoom lens that could be your choice, the 7-14mm f2.8 Pro Zoom:


If your preference in nature photography are the animals them a long zoom lens is a good option. There are several option to choose from:


If your interest is flora, then a macro lens can be a very good choice:

I hope these links and the video helps you to decide if you are buying a new lens.

disclaimer: I am an Olympus Visionary. Some of the links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy something from Amazon after clicking the link in this post, I will get a small commission, but you do not pay any extra. It is a nice way of supporting my YouTube-channel and this blog.