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Valoaalloilla-Matti vieraili Sigman tehtaalla Japanissa. Matti tutustui objektiivien valmistukseen ja sai Sigman toimitusjohtajan Kazuto Yamakin haastattelun. Se on kuultavissa uusimassa Valoaalloilla-jaksossa. Jakso on jo muuten järjestyksessään 99s. 

Aiheesta voit lukea lisää Valovuoto-blogista. Matti kirjoitti sinne mm.objektiivien valmistuksesta ja sieltä löytyy paljon kuvia tehtaalta.

Ensi viikolla ilmestyy 100s Valoaalloilla podcast jakso. Sen myötä Valoaalloilla hiukan uudistuu, mutta siitä sitten ensi viikon jaksossa.

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Some thoughts on my new Olympus LS-100 audio recorder.

I have been shooting videos for clients since 2008. That was the year when DSLR video revolution started. The biggest learning curve has been the audio. As we all know crappy picture might be ok, but no one will listen to bad audio. I have been a pro photographer and a free lance for 30 years. Audio has not been one of my expertise. But with reading, watching YouTube I have managed to learn how to record a good audio for the videos I shoot.

I have always used an external recorder since the audio on small cameras is not so good. The camera audio is great for syncing.

Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track PCM Recorder

Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track PCM Recorder

A week ago I upgraded my external recorder to Olympus LS-100. Its a multitrack recorder. Its a bit over kill for me. I mostly record interviews and speech. But its always good to have the best possible solution and I think that LS-100 is just that for me.


LS-100 has two XLR-inputs with phantom power. Phantom power can be switched off. Both inputs can be adjusted independly. Thats great for location interviews. One input is for the lav mic and the other for ambient sound mic. Top of that I will be using one mic that is connected to the camera for reference sound. That audio is used for audio sync.


LS-100 has also an input for 3,5mm plug microphones. It also has two internal mics.

LS-100 has a 4GB internal memory. That is very handy. Its a good for saving the situation if for some reason one forgets SD-cards behind. Yes, that has happend to me once. The recording media can be chosen from the menu. It would be great if there was an option to use both recording medias at the same time. There would always be a back up if something went wrong with SD-card.

The recorder feels very good and its well build. In the back there is also a standard tripod mount screw, so the LS-100 can be easily mounted on a rig. It uses a battery, but can be powered with the AC using the USB port

LS-100 has a color LCD.

LS-100 has a color LCD.

Technical details can be found here. I will blog more later about LS-100 after I have used it more.


I am Olympus European Visionary and my native language is Finnish.