Is digital photography real photography?

I have lately heard people saying that digital photography is not real photography. Some also considers Instagram to be bad for photography. I made a video about this. After you have watched the video, read this article that was written by Alfred Stieglitz in 1897. You will find that over hundred years ago the arguments were not that different. 


Top 5 innovations in photography

In my latest video I list the top 5 innovations in photography that has changed photography and the world.

Innovations are interesting and there has been a quite a few of them. Not all innovations has changed very much and some has changed everything.

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What makes a good photograph?

This is a question that everyone has a different answer. That is natural, because its a matter of taste. There is not a correct answer to this question just because of that. A grandmother might love a photo of her grandchild even though the photo is totally out of focus. For others it is most likely only a crappy photo that is out focus.

The World Press Photo announced the winners last Thursday (12.4.2018). Those photos are certainly good. Canon, one of the sponsors of the competition, made a survey and asked the participants what are the elements of a good photograph. The answers did not surprise me. 

In the linked video I go through those answers. What do you think? Do you agree with the results? Do you agree with me?

Sorry no link to the survey in english. Could not find it.

One lens and One body -challenge!

In my latest Wednesday Vlog, "Do you want to take photos or make photos with your camera?", I did put up a challege for you. In order to progress in your photography and change your state of mind from gear to the photograph itself I suggested that you try to shoot everything with just One lens One body, for a whole month.

Go check out the video and find out what I meant by changing your state of mind.

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Are Instagrammers ruining photography?

In this weeks Wednesday Vlog I ask: Are instagrammers ruining photography?

Are Instagrammers Ruining Travel Photography? Social media and especially in the world of photography Instagram has changed the we behave and its for the worse. Is Instagram ruining photography? Comment and tell me what you think? Are we taking pictures for likes and not becouse of the subject?

Link to the article on National Geographic about the Lake Wanaka Tree. The video by Oliver KMIA I mention in the video has been taken down fron YouTUbe, but you can find it in Vimeo.