OI.Share and other Olympus Apps

Olympus has great apps to help your photography. OI.Share is for transferring images from your Olympus camera to your mobile device.

OI.Track is an app that can track your location and that data can be transferred to your files that in the memory card.

OI.Palette is for image editing.

In the video below I show those apps work.

Olympus Apps

Controlling your Olympus camera with your phone is quite easy. Olympus has a great app for that, OI.Share App. With OI.Share App you can use your phone as a shutter button, see the image on your phones screen while making images. You can also transfer jpg-images from Olympus cameras to your phone and share them to social media.

You can also Geo Tag images with your Olympus camera also quite easy. Geo Tagging images makes finding images later a much easier task. OI.Track app can track your route and the GPS-coordinates can be easily attached to your files metadata. OI.Track adds GPS coordinates to your images. Lightroom can read that data and place your photograph on a map.

To learn more about Olympus Apps watch the video series about Olympus apps.